Pinky Promise

Pinky Promise is a short film that tells a story of friendship and love. Elizabeth is a well known concert pianist busy traveling the country when she suddenly discovers a very close friend from her childhood who she had lost contact with owns the restaurant near where she is staying. She is desperate to see her again but as she begins to find out more about her friend the more uncertain she is that the friendship was really the way she remembers it.

Pinky Promise premiered at the Caloundra Film Festival on the 11th of October 2017. It had it’s international premiere in Ireland at the prestigious Richard Harris Film Festival on the 28th of October 2017. It also received the Silver Award at Cinemafest in New York , Best Film in the Golden Earth Film Festival, Semi-Finalist in the Hollywood Screenings Film Festival and has screened at the Atlanta, Georgia film festival, Rome Film Festival and Wimbledon Film Festival in London.

Ryder Country (Mind Fire)

Ryder Country (Mind Fire), a psychological thriller, was co-created, co-written, produced and directed by Tam. It tells the story of a group of medical research scientists who are invited by a renowned Professor on a three day expedition into the bush to study a rare strain of crossbred ants. When one of the team are gruesomely killed it becomes a frightening journey of survival where terrifying secrets are uncovered.

The film stars Conrad Coleby  (All Saints, Home and Away, Sea Patrol and Underbelly), Lara Cox (Heartbreak High, All Saints), Peter Sumner (Heartbreak High, Spyforce, Flying Doctors, All Saints) and Gold Logie winner Rowena Wallace best known for her role as ‘Pat the Rat’ in Australian soap Sons and Daughters.


Tuki is based on the novel Tuki Banjo Superstar by Ocean Palmer. Following reading a couple of Tam’s screenplays the author of the novel asked Tam to partner him in writing the adaptation. They have now completed the screenplay and a UK film company has agreed to option it and add it to their slate of work for production in 2017.

Tuki is a heart-warming story of a young New Zealand girl who travels to LA and unexpectedly ends up a hero of the wealthy world of horse racing.

Song of the Sound

Song of the Sound is based on the novel by the same name written by Adam Armstrong (AKA Jeff Gulvin). Tam first read the novel over 15 years ago while studying film and TV and fell in love with the story. She felt adamant that one day she would adapt it for the screen. Once she was professionally in a position to purchase the film and television rights she did so and then wrote the screenplay.

She has now adapted it into a 6 part television drama series. The series is set in a coastal town, where the bleak, cold, harshness of the landscape can reflect the dark secrets and the compelling plot twists and turns. It is a story of mystery and intrigue with drama, tragedy, triumph and betrayal and tells the story of whale and dolphin expert Libby Bass who moves to a new country in search of a new life but is met by a town full of dark secrets and the mysterious American John-Cody who hides the biggest secret of all.



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‘What Does Monkey Boo Love’ is the story of a delightfully cute character called Monkey Boo and all the things he really loves. Monkey Boo takes the reader on a fun and engaging journey showing them lots of wonderful and special things that all little ones love about life. There is now a second book in the Monkey Boo series titled ‘Monkey Boo Loves Colours’ which is aimed at the 0 to 3 year olds who are learning about colours.

Tam was inspired to put her writing talent towards a children’s picture book from all the hours she has spent reading to her daughters, something that has provided her with the knowledge of what is required to ensure children are fully captivated by the words and the vibrant and colourful illustrations.

Due to the popularity of Monkey Boo Tam is now in production for an animation program featuring Monkey Boo, his family and his friends Katy Kangaroo, Ruby Rabbit, Perry Panda and Eddie Elephant.

Tam Sainsbury