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17 February 2018

We are now well into the new year and things are moving along nicely here for me and Gemini Arts and Media.

I am now well into development for Time & Place and the forth draft of the series has now been completed. We should be moving into pre-production in the next month or so with production planned for July.

Lara Cox from Home & Away will play the lead role and casting for the other 15 characters will commence shortly. Location scouting around the Sunshine Coast has also begun.

I am currently looking at various funding possibilities and will also run a campaign through Pozible commencing next month so please....

Stay tuned.......



am Sainsbury is a scriptwriter, film director and producer. Since graduating from

the University of Surrey in London 17 years ago with a degree in film and television she has worked in several countries on feature films, news programs, documentaries, advertisements and television shows.

She has written, directed and produced numerous short films, directed one feature film and written 4 feature film screenplays. She has written two children’s books which she is now developing into an animation series. Tam is a member of the Australian Directors Guild (ADG), Australian Writers Guild (AWG) and The Writers Guild Of America (WGA).Tam is available to hire as a freelance writer, director, script editor and copywriter.




Tam Sainsbury