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27 November 2018

Wonderful news to receive funding from Screen Australia. They have come onboard with my drama series Time & Place as a principal production investor (link to the announcement is under Media on this site). I feel so honoured to have their support and be recognised by them. I had a fabulous meeting with them following the announcement and discussed moving forward with Time & Place in 2019 so lots of exciting developments are happening there!

Post production at The Post Lounge on Time & Place is going extremely well. I am now at picture lock with all seven episodes and have moved onto grading and audio mixing. Some of the actors have been into the studio for ADR work, Lara Cox came up from Sydney and we also had the youngest cast member who plays Rebecca’s daughter Matilda in and she did a fabulous job as she is only 7 and it was her first time!

Talented singer/songwriter Sally Skelton also came into the The Post Lounge and recorded her beautiful song for the opening titles for each ep of Time & Place and another fabulous one for the closing credits. Sally was a semi finalist in The Voice this year and has a truly unique voice that will without doubt add to the experience of watching Time & Place.

My film Pinky Promise continues to do well internationally. Recently it won Best Film in the Golden Earth Film Festival and was a semi finalist in the Hollywood Screenings Film Festival. it was accepted into the Wimbledon Film Festival in London, Cinemafest in Los Angeles and the Rome Film Festival in Italy and is up for an award at this festival which takes place in February next year. It also received the silver award at Cinemafest in New York in June and previously screened at Atlanta Georgia film festival and Richard Harris film festival in Ireland.


am Sainsbury is a writer/director. Since graduating from the University of Surrey in London 17 years ago with a degree in film and television she has worked in several countries on feature films, TV shows, news programs, documentaries & advertisements. She has written, directed and produced numerous short films (the most recent winning a silver award at Cinemafest in New York, Best Film at the Golden Earth Film Festival and Semi Finalist at Hollywood Screenings Film Festival) and directed feature film Mind Fire starring Conrad Coleby, Peter Sumner & Rowena Wallace. Her recent project is drama series Time & Place starring Tracy Mann, Lisa Kay, Lara Cox, Bree Desborough & Conrad Coleby which is presented by Screen Australia. Tam is a member of the Australian Directors Guild (ADG), Australian Writers Guild (AWG) and The Writers Guild Of America (WGA).




Tam Sainsbury