Tam Sainsbury



Having completed high school in Australia, Tam moved to the United Kingdom (where she was born). She began her directing career in London directing a number of stage plays. She attended The University of Surrey where she attained a degree in Film and Television. During these years she worked on camera and wrote, directed and produced seven short films. Upon graduating she worked for a London production company where she gained professional experience in writing, editing and on camera.

In 1999/2000 she spent a year in the USA studying film in Columbus Ohio, which included an internship at NBC. Tam worked for WOCC in Westerville Ohio where she wrote and produced news and documentaries and also wrote and directed some episodes of a locally produced drama series. She then went on to write, direct and produce ‘The Eye of the Lens’ which gained a screening at the London Portobello Film Festival. Her final short film in the UK, which she wrote, directed and produced, was ‘London Life’ and was screened at an Antipodean Film Festival.

Tam Sainsbury returned to Australia in early 2007 with the intention of directing her first feature film. To find her feet back in Australia she wrote, directed and produced a short film titled ‘Finders Keepers’ which premiered to a full cinema at Birch Carroll and Coyle. Following this she began the production company Myrtletown Films and co-wrote psychological thriller ‘Mind Fire’ (now known as Ryder Country). This became Tam’s feature film directorial debut and starred Peter Sumner, Rowena Wallace and Conrad Coleby.

During the years of raising young children Tam wrote two children’s book titled ‘What Does Monkey Boo Love?’ and ‘Monkey Boo Loves Colours’ both of which are now published and popular young readers.

Tam also co-wrote the screenplay Tuki adapted from the novel Tuki Banjo Superstar by Ocean Palmer (AKA Ted Simendinger).This has now been taken on by a Hollywood producer and a large UK film company is looking to option it. Tam is continuing the successful partnership with Ted Simendinger, helping him with script editing and adapting another of his novels into a screenplay.

In 2017 Tam completed short film ‘Pinky Promise’ which was had it’s international premiere at the Richard Harris Film Festival in Ireland. It also won a silver award at Cinemafest in New York, received honourable mention at Canada Shorts Film Festival, Semi-Finalist at LA Cinefest, a nomination for best film for the Golden Earth Film Award and screened at the Rome Film Festival, Atlanta Georgia Film Festival and the Switzerland Film Festival.

In 2018 Tam directed and produced web series ‘Time & Place’ starring Lara Cox, Tracy Mann and Conrad Coleby. Screen Australia came onboard as principal production investor and Tam is now in development with the support of Screen QLD for Time & Place television series.

In 2020 Tam created and directed the romantic comedy Perfect Messy Love which received funding from Screen Queensland and is now adapted to a feature film which will be released in the second half of 2021.